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Is a deposit required?

The deposit is $750 per unit which translates to $250 per person.

$300 per unit which equals $100 per person. This is credited to the deposit. The balance is due when the lease begins.

Yes. This is typical of most lease arrangements. First months rent may be prorated (reduced) if an occupancy date later in the month is requested.

Only by exception to law.

Yes. We will try to be flexible and accommodate your needs, including unique dates such as mid-July. As mentioned above, first months rent may be prorated(reduced) if the lease begins later in the month.

Utilities are paid by the tenants. Typically, natural gas and electricity are around $50 each unit, per month. Water and trash are at a flat rate of $50 per month. For 3 tenants, divide those amounts by 3 for the individual contribution.

We take care of the yard.

We take care of most items inside the unit including the appliances, hot water heater and furnace. The Tenants are responsible for the light bulbs and smoke detectors. Please email with repair request. You can navigate to the repair request form HERE.

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